Labour Ministers Admit to Using George Orwell’s 1984 as Instruction Manual

LONDON - England - George Orwell wrote 1984 as a warning to history and was not meant to be used as a manual for policy in modern day Britain.

If George Orwell was alive today he would be demanding the Labour government pay him for infringement of copyright.

Numerous Labour ministers have now been caught espousing the book that brought Big Brother into the fore.

“Gordon Brown, Jacqui Smith, Ed Balls and many others in the cabinet, as well as the backbenchers all read George Orwell’s 1984 on a regular basis. The Labour hierarchy also conduct courses in Northern England under the utmost secrecy where they are instructed on how to act like the party official characters in 1984. In fact, the whole Labour system of government now mirrors Orwell’s nightmarish depiction of a totalitarian state gone wrong. The amount of brainwashing that is meted out to the masses is astounding. I am sure even Orwell would be truly astounded at the levels of spin and propaganda spouted by Labour,” Robert Carnarvon a prominent member of White’s club in St James told the Daily Squib. 

Labour has during its tenure perfected the ‘doublespeak’ technique as well as increased surveillance to such a level that ‘thoughtcrime’ is now regularly punished.

The amount of bureaucracy and surveillance during Gordon Brown’s reign has even surpassed the levels of Stalin’s Soviet Russia and Cold War era East Germany.

“As soon as anyone walks out of their door in today’s Britain they are filmed on average about 450 times during the course of their day by the millions of surveillance cameras put up by the Labour regime. You are also tracked on every communication whether it is computerised or telephoned. They even have microphones in public areas listening to conversations as well tracking every transaction anyone ever makes. Fingerprinting in schools is now being introduced as well as tracking vehicles with special GPS chips. Living in Labour’s grey Stasi nightmare Britain where you have to take out a second mortgage to buy a loaf of mouldy bread is equivalent to living in a prison.

“One can of course find comfort in the thought that the people have voted for this party twice and will vote for them again because the level of brainwashing amongst the masses is so high that they actually do not know anything else, they do not know what freedom is, there was never really any freedom in Britain anyway but what we have now is tantamount to a technique of total absorption of all thought by the plebiscite thus incorporated into a mass control system utilised by a government obsessed with lies, hypocrisy, cronyism, sleaze, surveillance, gross over taxation, waste, greed and control freakery,” Mr Carnarvon added.