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Traitors Against Gordon Brown’s ‘Vision of Change’ Neutralised

LONDON - England - Supreme unelected leader, Comrade Brown has come down hard on vile traitorous dissidents who have dared to question the authority of the New Age of Soviet Brown Change.

Junior Commissar in training, Siobhain McDonagh, was today publicly hanged in Red Trafalgar Square in front of baying crowds of angry citizens who also threw rotten tomatoes at the vile traitor as she mounted the podium.

After her confession detailing her traitorous ways she was hanged and her body thrown on a dustcart and dumped at an eco-landfill site.

By orders from our great unelected leader Comrade Brown, she was sentenced yesterday immediately after trying to question the authority of our supreme leader.

Comrade Brown released a statement from the Westminster Duma about his decision to defeat enemies of the Labour state with the big ‘clunking fist of Soviet power’.

“Comrades, citizens, brave Bolshevik warriors, Soviet brothers and sisters. There has been more traitorous behaviour amongst our hallowed ranks. My closest party members have informed me of an evil, vile plot to underhand my supreme Soviet control over every facet of the Great British Soviet Empire and Labour party. My trusted aide, Commissar Balls of the Bilderberg told me of the evil plot just after I had arrived from my dacha in Southwold where I have been convalescing and planning the next twenty year collectivization plan. Rest assured, Comrades, these lickspittle yellow pusillanimous sorry excuses for Soviet comradeship will be dealt with in the correct manner. Let this be a warning to any other traitors who may be hiding and biding their time. Your wait will be short because your Thoughtcrimes will be revealed sooner or later. Yes, comrades, Politburo and Stasi officials are going to personally interview every member of the party and will leave no stone unturned. Nothing will get in the way of the Twenty Year Plan.”

There was silence as Chief Commissar of Re-Education, Ed Balls walked around the chamber and picked out the traitors who sobbed as they were then led off.

Good News Comrades

Comrade Brown has very generously increased the winter allowance to two blankets per household. This directive from Comrade Brown will ensure a warm winter for all citizens.

Remember comrades, Look, Listen and Report any signs of Thoughtcrimes against the state.

A special mention must go to citizen Joe Willis, 8, who reported his own mother, Mary, 36, to council Stasi officials in Sector 12 last night. Mary Willis was detained for not recycling a banana skin and filling her bin up over the required mark. She has been detained in a Gulag somewhere in Sector 101 (North England) for the next 42 years.

Comrades, we must
be vigilant in our Soviet duty to report any Thoughtcrimes, re-cycling crimes, or dissent
against our supreme Soviet leader and state.

Notice: B64691 INGSOCK Long Live the Gordo!

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  1. JUST GO!!!



  2. Its going to take many years for Britain to recover from his awful policies! Gawd help us all we got the bastard until 2011

  3. No new leader…It’s better that Gordon stays because that will ensure Labour gets well and truly stuffed at the next election.

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