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Palin May Drop McCain From Campaign

WASILLA - Alaska - Sarah Palin's team are considering dropping support man John McCain from the election contest.

Republicans are not happy with the ailing geriatric McCain and are clamouring for a Sarah Palin takeover.

“She’s energised the GOP campaign against the Democrats. She can do things that McCain is very hard pushed to do, things like walking down the hall without the use of a wheelchair and she can even operate a pc computer to send emails which baffles McCain because he’s still in the era of the telegram,” Ron O’Hannity for the Fox Republican Broadcasting Corporation explained on Tuesday.

Catching Bill’s eye

Democrats are already clamouring for the Palin effect.

Ex-President Bill Clinton is reputed to be very impressed by Palin himself and has already asked one his aides for her phone number so he can give her a private ‘electoral consultation’ on his private jet.

“She’s going from strength to strength and is capturing the hearts of midwest white America. Obamamania is now history, we got Palinmania now and as for John McCain, he’s got to be careful with his ticker so no mania there,” Arnold Weinstank a DJ from WKSMT Michigan told his listeners on his daily talk show.

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