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Experts: Why War is the Only Answer

LONDON - England - The secretive Institute of War has released a communique urging for movement in the accord of change, citing war as a necessary function of this process.

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“All civilisations transition, and the moment of change is always embellished with war, for the global good, there will have to be total and utter destruction, as history has always shown, great empires crumble, religions disappear, man-made gods are forgotten, cities are plundered, cathedrals are smashed into dust.

“From the ashes one can easily rebuild, but without war, integration is nigh on impossible, primarily because of the old world stifling the new world and restricting transition.

“It is to this end, that complete global warfare is the process of shifting civilisation from the defunct systems utilised in the past to the forward new order, a complete cleansing of elements not required any more.

“Diplomacy that brokers change is redundant as diplomacy only slows the process of inevitable metamorphosis. The global plan should not be stifled by diplomacy, all diplomats who work for the hierarchy know this anyway and will be ordered to stop, as their efforts hurt the multi-dimensional final push for world dominance by one single faction. War effects change faster and more efficiently than any so-called peace not only in policy but in technology.

“All things must change, and the world as it is now, is living beyond any coherent manageable state, the appointed leaders of nations know this and so does the hierarchy many levels above the visible controllers.

“We see the great technical minds building amazing machines, self-driving vehicles, nano technology, mechanical humanoids, but these creations cannot co-exist in a world where some humans still live in the dark ages.

“One cannot explain to the brainwashed religious zealot anything other than a language of all encompassing violent warfare, it is the humane thing to do, to simply put those people so caught up in their belief system out of their misery once and for all, to make them disappear completely, never to return. Once they have all been eradicated, the singular world religion will be introduced, the true global and universal purpose of unity.

“The technique of governance is a formidable tool, however it falls short when chaos ensues. Global population levels have increased to such numbers that global warfare is now inevitable simply because of finite resources being plundered and permanently depleted. Nations may think that printing perpetual amounts of currency in a world where resources are finite is sustainable, where populations especially in developing nations continue to grow is manageable. They are wrong, and they may hide behind the walls of the condemned future generations, but the inevitable must always reveal itself however much the leaders choose to ignore or delay the truth.

“Without war, the human race will not survive its next shift upwards.”

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  1. The next war will be the most terrible out of the other world wars simply because of the technology available to kill.

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