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Bring Back Plantations Say African Americans

ST LOUIS - USA - Recent surveys have revealed that many African Americans hark back to the good old days when they lived and worked in plantations.

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“Hell, at least we had a purpose back then,” Louis Arnold, spokesman for the African American Plantation Society (AAPS) told CNN.

Mr. Arnold was speaking about the discontent many African Americans feel about life in America and how millions have not progressed for hundreds of years.

“The majority African Americans ain’t moved on, they still slaves, I ax folk every day, you live in the projects, you live in the ghetto, you in jail, you on welfare, either that you dead, like six feet under. Sho, we gotta few rappers ‘n’ sports people who been made some, but that’s it folks, most black folk don’t have nothin’ to do all day but shoot each other.”

The AAPS is asking for many of the plantations to be refurbished and the quarters for blacks to be rebuilt so they can move back in.

“We already got a House Negro in the White House so let him do the deal, but he on the way out soon. We sent a petition and proposal to the White House and Congress, let the African in da White House do something worthwhile before he get back to the shack. Let’s go back to the fields, hear the crack o’ the whip again, get us some purpose in life, it boring looting, stealing and causing America’s crime, we getting fed up wit it. People need to do good, not bad.”

A recent survey on the Oprah show revealed that 94% of African Americans want to go back to the good old plantation days.

“There’s not much difference suh, in the old days the massa he gave you food, today they give you’se the EBT card, in the old days they gave you a shack to live in, today they give you the projects. At least then, we got to work a lil, had some respec’ fo’ ourself. Too much crime now folks, people goin’ crazy riotin’ and shieet! I wanna work in the fields again, I wanna sing those songs again, I wanna be looked after again, I want to belong in the family again,” Gabriel Prosser, a Bring Back Plantation activist told the media on Monday.

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