Amazing New Nano Tech Smart Phone Does Literally Everything

BOSTON - USA - A new nano technology powered smart phone is so sophisticated that it can do literally anything and will be released by Christmas 2013.

The Daily Squib has already received some promotional Pomegranate phones which have astounded our office.

“This thing is incredible. I am so in awe of this phone that wherever I go I literally get crowds of people following me. Not only that it has done wonders for our global business as we can conduct meetings in any country in the world speaking the local language,” our sub editor in chief, Ronnie Wisebaum revealed.

The sophisticated 5G Nanotechnology is still in its infancy but utilises nano sized miniature computer processors to achieve many different functions such as projection, linguistic translation and even coffee breaks. It is a little pricey, but will probably come down in price in the future. On release it will retail at a cool £1,600, so don’t lose it, but if you do, it comes with handy tracking and deactivation software.

Watch the promotional video for the latest Pomegranate phone:


General release date for the new Pomegranate smart phone is 18 December 2013. Get yours for Christmas. Wow!!!