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Please Read This – We Want to Help You Break Away From Your SmartPhone

LONDON - England - Breaking away from the hive mind and smartphone control is never easy. We want to help you break away from the digital prison that now enslaves you.


You see them walking down the street, maybe you are one of them yourself – smartphone zombies.

You see them in restaurants meant to be dining with their friends, they are all staring at their smartphones instead of talking with each other.

You see the mother pushing that pram ignoring her crying distraught child as she is entranced with her smartphone.

These people are being programmed without their knowledge, their subconscious minds are imprisoned, their minds have been fractured to such a point that these people now behave like a hive mind controlled by their smartphones.

As the queue for the latest model of iPhone extends around the block these people are no longer in charge of their wallets, let alone their minds.

There is a cure, you can break away from this digital prison which you have been sucked into, you do not have to be controlled like this anymore.

We present ways in which you can relinquish the control over your mind, you do not have to be an automaton anymore, your do not have to follow the hive mind anymore, and once you break free, you will think for yourself, you will feel an extreme serenity, and relief over your whole self. You will feel human again, and your zombie phone days will be over. This process will be hard for you, but your fractured, honeycomb mind will be allowed to reprocess itself – almost like a reboot, a fresh start.

Steps to Break Away from Being a Smartphone Zombie

1 – Delete your Facebook account. Log in to Facebook. Click the Privacy button in the top-right (the icon is shaped like a padlock) and choose See More Settings. Click Security. Click Deactivate Your Account. Choose a reason for leaving from using the checkbox list. Click the checkbox next to Opt out of receiving future emails from Facebook. Click Confirm. Enter your password and click Deactivate Now.

2 – Delete your Twitter account. Sign into your account on the Twitter website. Click on Settings and Privacy from the drop-down menu under your profile icon. In the Account section of the menu, click Deactivate your account. Click Deactivate. Enter your password when prompted and click Deactivate account.

3 – Delete all other social network accounts you have on your phone.

4 – Put down your phone. Go outside, take your shoes and socks off. Put your feet on some grass, stand up, open your eyes and look up. You will notice the sky, the clouds, the wind in the trees, the birds, insects, and stand there looking around noticing things you may have not in the past when you were tethered to the phone. Take deep breaths, you are nearly free.

5 – You only need a phone for emergency and necessary calls. If you must buy a mobile phone, buy one with only the bare functions. We advise the Light Phone, a stylish minimalist phone or the MP01.

6 – Congratulate yourself, you are already a few steps ahead of all the zombies around you. From now on you will notice these poor people with their zombie phone stoop in public and you will see what you have escaped from. Please do not think you are completely out of the woods yet, because you still will have many temptations put in front of you daily to return to a zombie hive mind state.

7 – You must resist with all your being if you are ever tempted by social media or zombie smartphone return. You must now remember what it was like to connect with other humans by looking them in the eye, being consciously aware, paying attention and connecting to whatever is around you at the time you are there. You are interacting with people and their actual self being whereas a mobile phone zombie is constantly thinking about their phone or the latest Facebook comment.

8 – As more people break away from the hive mind digital prison, then the controllers will lose their war to imprison, dumb down and control humanity. We urge you dear reader, please move forward, reclaim your true creative humanity and your ability to think for yourself. You can do this, you can break free and live a happy existence away from what they have created to kill your mind and spirit.

Remember that the late Steve Jobs and current Silicon Valley tech hierarchy severely limit the use of smartphones and ipads for their children for a very good reason, they know the consequences of these machines and how they are being proliferated worldwide to control and subvert populations.


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