NASA Pictures Show Astronauts Had Portaloo on the Moon

WASHINGTON DC - USA - NASA has released new images of the Moon which clearly shows a portaloo left by astronauts who landed there some 40 years ago.

“The astronauts needed to go to the crapper on the moon, so they had a portaloo put in a crater. Obviously they couldn’t take the portaloo back so they left it there and it’s still got astronaut poop in it to this day,” Peter Van Allen, a NASA historian, told NASA Weekly magazine.

Famous astronaut, Buzz Aldrin, recalled his toilet moment on the moon: “I had just got off the LRV (Lunar Roving Vehicle) when I noticed I had to take a shit. It was those goddamn burritos I had eaten before we landed, so I rushed to the portapotty, wacked down my suit and deposited a piece of history on the moon’s surface. It was one giant sweetcorn encrusted steaming log for moonkind right there.”

The stunning photos of the moon’s surface were taken with NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO).

The $583m (£364m) LRO project is producing a detailed 3D map of the Moon and has been edited heavily with photoshop in preparation for any future questions about the moon landings.

“You just have to take our word for it that those are pictures of footprints and portacabins on the moon’s surface. We have the technology now to digitally recreate that stuff, and there’s no way anyone else can verify what we say or present to you,” Al Hertyu, chief project manager for NASA told CNN on Friday.