Is it Finally Game Over For Tech Power Nerds?

WASHINGTON D.C - USA - Power nerds and their gluttony are now heading companies that are nearly global monopolies.

Power nerds, these are a special breed of techie nerds who want to take over the world with their technological prowess.

From the birth of the World Wide Web, these power nerds have created and grown companies that are now monopolies controlling every facet of people’s lives.

Smartphones, apps, search engines, social networks – power nerds are in everything, their power increases daily as more millions of people use their networks.

Power nerds are ruthless, they are creatures who do not balk in crushing their opponents completely without mercy and their greed for complete controlling power over everything is boundless.

To quote a few examples of companies that are run by ruthless power nerds, we can of course cite Facebook, Twitter, Amazon and Google. These companies are not only seeking to rule and control everything, they also are using their power to manipulate data taken from their platforms to make money and increase their influence, as well as shut down any voices that are not left leaning.

All Hail Zuckerberg

“Power nerds are inherently evil. Zuckerberg is one example of a power nerd so power hungry that he pursues global domination with a vehement ruthless nasty streak. These tech robots are machines, they are not really human anymore, their fuel is pure power and more power, and they will use billions of people to achieve their goals at all cost. Tech power nerds are farmers of people, they farm billions of people for data,” an observer of the current situation revealed.

Power nerds also do not have a problem about farming data from billions of people without their knowledge, they also abuse their positions to be politically biased and censor free speech as a means of gaining even more power.

One can only hope that companies like Facebook one day are brought to justice for their evil, devious crimes committed against billions of people. In 2009, Facebook was caught lying to their account holders about the amount and type of information it was collecting on them, and the company also explicitly lied about who they were providing that information to.  As a result, the Federal Trade Commission censured the company in 2011 for violations of Article 5 of the Federal Trade Commission Act.  The core mission of Article 5 of the FTC Act is to protect consumer welfare and prevent unfair business acts or practices from occurring.

In defiance of the Federal Trade Commission’s order, Facebook continued to reveal their customers private account information to unauthorized individuals and corporations and is therefore liable for civil penalties of $41,484 per each violation – a fine that could reach $3 trillion Dollars.

Talking about fines, Google, a company that controls 91.5% of search traffic in Europe alone, is being slapped with antitrust fines from the EU, but it’s only for a measly £2.14 billion, which for a company that pays literally no tax, is peanuts.

At the end of the day, these companies led by power nerds have now spread their octopus-like grip over the whole globe, and to even begin deconstructing their evil plan of complete control, will be nearly impossible now unless these companies are fined, broken up and told to pay the tax they owe.

Hopefully one day the power nerds are put in their place, and we can all breathe a breath of fresh air on a free internet once again.