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Japanese Company Showcases World’s First Handheld Dishwasher

TOKYO - Japan - Sanjuro Miromoto of the Tokai Corporation unveiled the world's first ever hand held portable dishwasher at Tokyo's GNC Gadget show.

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The GNC Gadget show is running from the 6th of September to the 12th and there are some amazing electronics on display.

The Tokai Corporation has taken the wraps off a new hand held dual-format dishwasher drier, although quite whether a miniature dishwasher has a future remains to be seen.

CEO Sanjuro Miromoto presented the amazing piece of modern technical excellence to an expectant audience after months of hype.

“The dishwasher can take a full load and once it is finished, you just put it in your pocket and go. It’s really that simple,” the CEO announced.

The handheld dishwasher will also come in a number of different colours so that the fashion conscious can enjoy.

Tokai is expecting this amazing hand held dishwasher to be in every household by Christmas.

The exhibition is now officially open to the rest of the public and gadget hounds have been swamping the mass of gadgets on display.

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  1. My missus bought me one of those some years ago – only it’s called a pan scourer; made of a sponge like material I bet it’s even lighter in weight than the Tokai model!

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