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Air Guitar World Champion Breaks String Live in Concert

LOS ANGELES - CA - American wins World Air Guitar Championships despite near disaster.

American Anal Bilgepump has won this year’s World Air Guitar Championships despite near disaster hitting during his set when one of his guitar strings broke.

Despite major setbacks like broken strings, blisters and a bout of tendonitis the air guitarist from Detroit soldiered on.

Bilgepump was crowned champ after beating 20 challengers from around the globe – including two-time defending champion Fu Kyu from Japan – and contestants from Russia, Australia and the UK.

Upon winning Anal Bilgepump said: “I honestly didn’t
think I had a chance. I was doing an A major Diminished chord when my D string went. Must have been the combination of sweat and heat. Dont get me wrong, I wanted to do good, to do
everyone proud, to at least look decent on YouTube. I just kept going folks and it’s that Rock’n’Roll spirit that got me through in the end.”

The World Air Guitar Championships started in 2003 and have been running annually ever since.

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