What’s your poison when it comes to bets?┬áCasino games, you know, Blackjack, Baccarat, and a bit of roulette to add to the palette. Maybe some sports betting on Betfair, your favourite team has an upcoming game and you are sure of the outcome, and are rooting for that certain edge that will make your day.

In all betting circumstances, we seek that certain feeling, you’ve analysed all the stats, made sure of the different variables, and put forth the risk.

To get ahead in life, as well as the casino, there is always an element of risk we take, but without this risk we would not achieve anything. You would stay at home all day in your safe space sucking on your thumb with your favourite blanket covering you and never achieve anything.

Certainly, it’s that first psychological barrier we must transcend, that push forward to make something out of nothing, to grow your money, and to not only life life, but to be successful.

Everyone wants to be the next big thing, the driver of a Ferrari down the streets of Monaco, or rolling up in your yacht in Cannes, but everyone of the people who do that had to take risks to get where they were.

The majority of people in this world will never leave their home town let alone venture into a casino online or otherwise. We’re not all fictional James Bond characters that seem to win every hand and roll of the dice in a glitzy casino in the South of France. Don’t let fiction cloud the mind, you must truly transcend fiction, and embrace reality, however harsh it may be. This is the true trick to success, do not delude yourself with grandiose thoughts too much, just concentrate solely on the action, on the statistics, on the probability and you will limit your risk.

There are alway losses, but that’s part of the game, and the seasoned risk taker knows fully they will lose sometimes. Learn from loss, and take those lessons learned into the next game, however do not repeat your mistakes, that’s just plain stupid.

The bets, in the end are on you, and this comes down to the well known cliche, know thy self first, know your weaknesses and strengths, to your greatest fears, before you even attempt to play the ultimate game of risk with your hard earned cash.*