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Iran and Gaza Escalation Sign of What is to Come

TEHRAN - Iran - Tensions within the Persian Gulf are escalating, as well as the Gaza region between Israel. Could this be the precursor for further conflict?

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The biggest prize of all for the USA has always been Iran, it is the jewel in the crown of conquest, and to take Iran would also see a serious shift in the invisible lines of global hegemony for America, unseating Russia and China.

As the USS Abraham Lincoln and a bomber task force are being deployed close to the Persian peninsula, the high command are of course cautious with their declaration that they are not seeking war with Iran. Not yet, that is.

After firing over 400 rockets into Israel from Gaza, the climate in that region is tense as well, and could kick off again at any moment.

The tinder could light at any moment within these regions, and escalate very quickly, especially if Russia and China join in.

Iran, is staunchly aligned with Russia and China, and any shift in territory will cause an imbalance in the global territorial game.

Putin, could then move further into Ukraine, taking the whole country, as this action would be away from the Middle Eastern war theatre, it would catch the Americans off guard. The Russian leader also has his eye on other key former Soviet territories and beyond.

The poor state of the Venezuelan dictator Maduro is also a U.S. issue, as U.S. agencies are already in country trying to topple the socialist regime. This is another regime backed by Russia, and if the Americans were to commit their forces to actively enter the country, there is no doubt there would be a Russian backlash.

Further East, the North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un has been playing with his toys, and sucking up to the Russian leader. This is a firm sign that Kim Jong-un was playing with Trump all along, and has never even thought about capitulating to the Americans by disarming.

Put all this shit into a cauldron; stir firmly, add in some ISIS flavouring, a desperate U.S president wanting to do something before the 2020 elections, and you have one hell of a soup.

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