Making the Most of Live Dealer Games at Online Casinos

LAS VEGAS - USA - Online casino games do not mean it is all done with bots. On the contrary, there is a lot of live dealing out there.

Online casinos popularity is practically through the roof, and players are constantly looking for ways to spice up their game play experience.

Considering that it’s human nature to strive for greater interaction, online casino platform providers have managed to identify several ways to retain and increase player traffic.

Live dealer games offer the ultimate level of interactivity with the remaining participants, i.e. the game dealer and the remaining players on your table.

If you haven’t experienced the live dealer games available online, you should know to expect a real-life person and table transmitted onto your computer screen instead of the usual graphic design setup.

How Do Live Dealer Casino Games Work?

In order to function optimally, the live dealer game selection at online casinos does not depend on the same operator. Namely, this technology is still developing and improving, which is why there are only a handful of third-party live dealer game software providers that regulate all its settings and technical support.

In terms of requirements, live dealer casino games may be said to be somewhat demanding, even though players using an average computing setup could access and enjoy them.

Mobile online casino players, however, are still unable to access live dealer casino games properly, as currently manufactured mobile devices don’t have enough bandwidth to run and support them. This means that you will be able to enjoy such entertainment at the comfort of your own home, or any place that allows you to take your laptop.

Regardless of the location and device you choose, there is one criterion that needs to be met in order to ensure the games will run smoothly – the players’ Internet connection.

It is highly advisable to use Wi-Fi as a connection, but only from a reliable and secure provider, and ensure that high volumes of traffic are available, as it can use up to a few GBs from your monthly subscription.

Which Types of Live Dealer Casino Games Are Available?

So far, not all casino games have been adapted to the live dealer mode, but those that have been are blackjack, roulette, baccarat and poker.

Blackjack games have no trouble attracting online casino players, but this live mode is definitely ‘the real deal’. Live blackjack is played using actual card decks, which are shuffled in a real life shoe, and dealt by a dealer.

Should you have a few blackjack strategies up your sleeve, live dealer blackjack is the best place to use them as it provides the least chance for others to note them.

Live dealer roulette is available in all its standard versions – European, American and, on some occasions French Roulette, which offers the best odds for its players due to the number of characteristic betting possibilities.

Baccarat is also suited to this specific format, especially since dealing and betting moves are applied without anyone noticing that you still haven’t handled all the rules.

As for poker, Texas Hold’em is arguably the most popular variant, but as live dealer games are progressing, so is the number of poker game types available in this format.