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Big Changes for Gaming in 2021

SILICON VALLEY - USA - These are exciting times in gaming as huge technological strides achieve great leaps forward.

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We’re heading towards the holiday period which means we’ll soon be seeing the release of the next generation consoles released by both Microsoft and Sony – in fact Microsoft have already announced the release date and pricing for their console as November 10th has been marked for both the Series X and Series S with the price points being at $499 and $299 respectively.

Whilst fans will still be eagerly awaiting an update from Sony, with Microsoft setting a bit of a deadline it’s expected the Playstation will launch at a similar pricing point, and at a similar time.

There’s some similar great news coming for PC gamers too as Nvidia will also be releasing their 3000 Series graphics cards in just a few weeks – there had been a little controversy around the 2000 Series as the pricing had been set so high, but with the 3080Ti releasing at a $699 price point there are many suggesting that these cards could help challenge the next generation console releases. These are still enthusiast parts however, so they may only be of interest to a particular niche in the gaming market. There is some other news that there may be some big release on the way for AMD too to continue pushing PC gaming into the mainstream market.

This comes at a time when gaming as a whole is really performing well – the pandemic has led to changing habits with gaming as a new hobby being one of them, most players are largely turning to their mobile device as a number of genres are garnering a lot of popularity – there have been changes impacting some such as ruling and regulation to prevent play largely in online gambling, but despite this many operators have found ways to remain competitive here at casinos not on gamstop to continue attracting players despite initiatives such as Gamstop and other changes such
as the recent credit card ban to betting.

This has 2021 poised to be a very exciting year for gaming – new consoles that perform worlds apart from their previous generation, new PC hardware that is going to push what’s possible as ray-tracing and other modern features become more common too. Whilst there are of course the expected titles ahead that have already been announced, it will be interesting to see what else may be coming in the next six to eight months or so.

If you’re new to gaming or have only primarily been playing on your mobile device, fall 2020 as a whole may offer a whole host of opportunities to change platform and try something new – whilst some of the prices above may seem a little steep, keep in mind that they tend to last for a decade or so before being replaced when you look at previous consoles being released around 2012/2013 and many modern PC’s lasting for a long time before needing to be upgraded or changed, so if you are thinking about making the switch now is the perfect time with all new pieces that will stand the test of time for quite a while.

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