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Gambling in Online Casinos in Canada

ONTARIO - Canada - The gaming industry in this country is massive, even though there are numerous gambling peculiarities across Canadian provinces, business is certainly booming.

Online Gambling in Canada

The Canadian gambling industry is quite prosperous and flourishing because Canada has quite favourable conditions for both land based and online casino gaming. Even though Canadian laws vary from one province and territory to another, in general, it’s absolutely legal to participate in different gambling activities across Canada and even play in offshore online casinos that accept gamblers from Canada. According to the statistical data retrieved from the CGA (Canadian Gaming Association) official website, over 37% of Canadians are engaged in different gambling activities. Moreover, 40% of Canadian gamblers are engaged in gambling activities once or twice a week, 20% play every month, and 26% gamble every 2-5 months. So, as you can see gambling is quite popular in Canada and there are many Canadian gamblers who play in the top offshore online casinos. That’s why we find it essential to share with you more interesting and useful details that will definitely help you to understand the overall gambling situation in the state and find a really good website out of so many available options for Canadian gamblers.

NativeCasinos Online Casino Guide

Canadians are truly in love with gambling, especially on the web. Canadian online gambling industry keeps growing and bringing bigger and bigger revenues. For example, in 2015, the online revenue was estimated at C$ 6.2 million, which is quite impressive, huh? The experts are confident that the next few years this number can be substantially higher. So, it’s quite natural that online gambling is legally allowed in the country since it considerably enriches the state’s budget and provides many jobs to decrease unemployment rates.

Since nowadays there are so many online casinos available for Canadian gamblers, some of them may well turn out a real scam. To avoid undesirable experiences, we highly recommend you visit the NativeCasinos website in order to check recommendations for choosing safe and reliable betting websites and look through the experts’ list of online casinos in Canada. Surfing our official website, you can also enhance your online casino knowledge regarding different casino developers, various game categories, optimal depositing and withdrawal methods etc.

Popular Gambling Activities in Canada

You must be really interested in learning what kind of games Canadian gamblers are so crazy about, huh? In the graph, you can see the most popular land based betting activities of Canadians depending on their age (Statista). As you can see, gamblers of all age categories are interested in lotteries, scratch tickets, and instant win. The least popular gambling activities in Canada include VLTs and Sports Lotteries.


As for Canadians’ most loved online casino games, they include such games categories as Slots, Table Games, Blackjack, Roulette, Card Games, Poker, Dice Games, Video Poker, Bingo, Scratch Cards, and Live Dealer Games. Check our NativeCasinos website in order to learn more about each of these game categories that are popular among many Canadian online gamblers.

Provincial Gambling Peculiarities

Since gambling laws vary from one province and territory to another, we find it essential to share with you the table that serves to show you gambling peculiarities of specific Canadian regions. In such a way, you can check the gambling age in each region, regulatory body that monitors all gambling activities in the region, and all the gambling activities that are legally allowed and regularly practised in a certain province or territory. In case you are interested in learning even more details about different peculiarities of gambling in each of Canadian provinces and territories, if you look at the  NativeCasinos website you will find truly comprehensive and interesting articles devoted to each Canadian region.

Province / Territory

Gambling Age

Gambling Regulatory Body

Legally Allowed Gambling Activities



Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission

Horse racing, Sports betting activities, (VLTs), casino games, lotteries, licensed offshore casino online games, and charitable betting.



Liquor and Gaming Authority of Manitoba

Casinos, sports betting, lotteries, horse racing, charitable betting, and VLTs. Legal online platform PlayNow, licensed offshore online casinos are also allowed

British Columbia


British Columbia Lottery Corporation, Gaming Policy and Enforcement Branch of the Ministry of Finance

Slots, bingo, sweepstakes, and lotteries. Legal online platform PlayNow



Indigenous Gaming Regulators, Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority

Horse racing, casinos, charitable betting, VLTs, lotteries and sports betting. No local casinos, but licensed offshore online casinos are allowed



Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario

Casinos, charitable gaming, horse racing, slot machines, sports betting, lotteries, legal online platform PlayOLG

New Brunswick


Gaming Control Branch of the Department of Public Safety

VLTs, lotteries, licensed offshore online casinos, horse racing, sports betting, and charitable betting.



Société des loteries du Québec; Régie des alcools, des courses, et de jeux

Casinos, lotteries, horse racing, licensed offshore online casinos, VLTs, sports betting, charitable betting.

Nova Scotia


Alcohol, Gaming, Fuel and Tobacco Division of Service Nova Scotia

Lotteries, VLTs, casinos, charitable gaming, sports betting activities, horse racing, licensed online offshore casinos and sportsbooks.

Prince Edward Island


Department of Environment, Labour, and Justice; Prince Edward Island Lotteries Commission

Sports betting activities, lotteries, charitable betting, horse racing, and licensed offshore online casinos on the web.

Northwest Territory


Department of Municipal and Community Affairs

Lotteries, online licensed offshore online casinos, sports betting.

Newfoundland and Labrador


Consumer and Commercial Affairs Branch of Service NL

Horse racing, VLTs, Sports betting, lotteries, charitable gaming, online licensed offshore casinos and sportsbooks.



Department of Community and Government Services

Horse racing, Sports betting activities, Video Lottery Terminals, licensed offshore casino games on the web, lotteries, and charitable gaming.



Department of Community Services

Charitable gaming, sports betting, lotteries, licensed offshore casinos on the web

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