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The Best PayPal Casinos

LONDON - England - PayPal is a great way to ensure some safety and quality control in online casino gambling.

PayPal has grown over the years to become one of the best online payment options for money transactions worldwide. It offers users various distinct advantages over other payment options including extra safety, buyer protection, and faster transaction times. Accordingly, it is a prime choice for deposits and withdrawals that online casinos are quickly adopting as part of their payment options.

However, some casinos are still in the dark as to what advantages PayPal offers. Others still frown at the strict conditions set by the payment platform to safeguard its depositors. Accordingly, some – mostly shady – online businesses don’t accept PayPal for money transactions. To this end, only the most reputable and trustworthy bookmakers accept PayPal as a deposit and withdrawing option. As such, players need not worry when dealing with Online Casinos with PayPal as a payment method as they can be trusted with customer deposits. Deposits are 100% safe and available for gaming when needed.

For the gambler’s benefit, here are some of the PayPal accepting casinos where players can conduct stress-free gaming.

Betway Online Casino

Betway Partners with multiple gaming providers to ensure the site is a favorite to many gamblers with its wide game selection. These sets can be accessed through the instant play web-based or mobile application platform.

The casino also offers its clients support and safety guarantees. The sets are audited on a regular basis by eCOGRA to ensure RTP rates are in-line with gaming regulations. Punters can also rest easy as the site incorporates an extra layer of SSL encryption to keep out hackers.

Finally, any issues and complaints that arise can be dealt with swiftly as the casino offers around the clock support via live chat and e-mail. Accordingly, any problems faced by the casino’s customers can be addressed quickly for gaming to resume.

Ladbrokes Online Casino

The Ladbrokes founder, Harry Ogden, is recognized as Britain’s first professional bookmaker. The gaming company started in 1902 at the horseracing stables of Ladbroke Hall. Their online business was launched in 2000, and it’s just as popular with gamblers.

The online casino offers a wide selection of games from multiple providers with great value for money for every player that signs up. There’s a wide range of bonuses to be enjoyed too by both new and experienced gamers that have been with the bookmaker for a while.

On signing up, clients enjoy a clean web portal with a fluid and easy to follow navigation. There’s also a mobile application that allows gamblers to access the hundreds of games.

888 Casino

This online casino has been available to players since 1997. Over two decades later, 888 Casino is still renowned for its numerous gaming options and excellent support its customers. The bookmaker makes use of its own proprietary software plus that of 3rd parties to avail hundreds of games to gamblers. With a single client’s account, players get access to 888poker, 888bingo, 888backgammon, 888sports. Accordingly, players get to enjoy a broader playing experience online at the convenience of one provider.

Gamblers stand to enjoy multiple promotions offered by the bookmaker. Other than the sign-up bonus, clients get to enjoy the VIP bonus with continued gaming on the site. The higher the VIP ranking, the greater the bonus one qualifies. There is also an affiliate bonus with which gamblers can earn more rewards on the site. Under the affiliates program, punters earn cash rewards for every new player they help sign up.

Players enjoy the convenience of choosing from multiple ways to deposit and withdraw their cash. These online methods include PayPal, cards, cheques and bank transfers. With PayPal, players can enjoy significantly faster transaction times of between 24 – 48 hours. All other methods are known to have a three day wait time.

The Advantages of Using PayPal

Gamblers stand to benefit greatly from using PayPal for their online transactions. Unlike bank and card transactions, a player’s details are not required to complete online payment transactions. Accordingly, there is less risk of a gambler’s banking details landing in the hands of fraudsters.

Furthermore, the platform has the fastest transaction time recorded for online payments. Cheques can take up to 28 days, bank transfers take 2 – 3 days, but with PayPal, the transaction is complete within 24 hours.

Moreover, the online payment means boasts an efficient buyer protection policy meant to protect the client from fraudulent individuals online. With this policy, players can enjoy refunds and transaction reversals should they fall into the hands of fraudulent online casinos.

Closing Thoughts

Although PayPal undeniably has some cons like being unavailable in some countries, its advantages are significant enough to make it among the best online payment solutions today. An online casino that associates with PayPal can boast extra credibility as a genuine online business since the cashier option is unfriendly to fraudsters and shady online businesses. Thus, players are highly encouraged to work with PayPal casinos.

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