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Why Europe Should Be Your Next Travel Destination

OSLO - Norway - Travel to Europe and you will bring many wonderful new experiences that you will remember for a long time.

Today, practically everyone has his or her own #travelgoals. This is why Europe should be the first travel destination.

These goals take all forms, and may involve many possible destinations. For many, the most important considerations for a choice of destination are budget, convenience, and perhaps the proximity of the destination. Looking for a place to stay? Yes, most travelers consider that a problem, too. Of course, all of those are pretty important, but if fulfilling real goals are what you want, then maybe you shouldn’t limit yourself too much. (Advanced tip, though. If you’re setting a plan travel to Europe, get Expedia deals. You won’t regret it.)

When fulfilling goals, many people tend to forget the need to dream big, and this is true even for travel. People like to settle for ‘less’, contenting themselves with trips that won’t take them too far away, won’t give them experiences that are too new, and basically rob themselves of a trip that just might change their lives forever.

While all this might sound overly dramatic, you can’t help but admit that it is true. For the brave and the bold, however, it would really be an excellent idea if you try visiting Europe. True, it might mean spending more than you usually spend, or learning more cultural information than the usual “don’t-talk-when-your-mouth-is-full” sort of rules. A trip to Europe will definitely ask you to leave your comfort zone. But, in a delightful way, a trip to Europe makes it worth the risk, too.

Reasons Why You’ll Love Europe

Love Europe for its rich historical heritage. What do you think do Socrates, the Roman Coliseum, and a medieval Cathedral have in common? You can probably think of other similarities, but focus on this one for now: they’re all from Europe. And because of that, you can see why Europe somehow screams history. Your visit to each country and city will certainly feel like breathing in the ancients – a treat which you aren’t likely to experience anywhere else.

Love Europe for its trains. This is especially lovable if you happen to come from a city or country where, to get to the nearby country, you need to fly. In Europe, you will have the joy of encountering a stark difference in culture and language by simply taking the train to the next destination. And oh, the views are spectacular, too. What this means, then, is that for an hour’s ride on the train, you are basically setting yourself up for a new experience each time.

Love Europe for its food. Yes, yes, you can very well that where food is concerned, no other place will ever compare to home. The thing is, nobody’s necessarily disagreeing with you. The point, however, is simply to try out whatever it is that Europe has in store for you, gastronomically speaking. And it’s definitely no small thing, what Europe has to offer. With food options that range from pizza, pasta, breads, seafood, down to warm chocolates, you’ll eventually realize that eating is not a chore in Europe. It’s a full experience.

Love Europe for its picturesque cities. You’ve probably had friends and colleagues who have had the opportunity to visit Europe. You’ve probably seen the postcards, heard the stories, and witnessed how their faces lit up while remembering what it felt like to be in European cities. If you try it out for yourself, you’re bound to realize that these cities – Berlin, Barcelona, Florence, Amsterdam, to name a few – are truly beyond the best of your imaginings.

Love Europe for its art. Apart from being undeniably picturesque, Europe is also home to countless museums and havens for preserving and nurturing creativity. If you’re the kind of person who breathes in times of fresh inspiration, then without a doubt, Europe is the place for you. If you’re the kind of person who loves music, on the other hand, check out the open parks where free concerts are held by amazing performers. For those who love films, Europe also boasts of parks that feature wide open spaces where you get to watch your favorite movies, too. All in all, it’s impossible not to see how artists and art-loving people will surely find a home (no matter how temporary) in Europe.


So, it all comes down to this. This might have begun on the note of how going on vacation also means going boldly, especially when it comes to choosing your next destination. However, the discussion has clearly evolved, from simply making bold choices to ultimately presenting you with Europe as THE choice. True enough, choosing Europe will not only give you a vacation worth remembering, but also a vacation you’ll want to have again, and sooner rather than later.

In the end, the final decision is in your hands, but of course, with the reasons you’re now armed with, it’s obviously an easy one to make.

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