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About the British Economy and its Tax Advantages

LONDON - England - The British economy is growing every day and affords many tax advantages to investors.

The United Kingdom is the world’s fifth-largest economy with a GDP of around € 3 trillion, close to that of France, which ranks sixth in the world.

By 2016, the United Kingdom had the fastest growth among the G7 countries. The World Bank ranks the United Kingdom in seventh place in the Doing Business 2017 ranking.

The United Kingdom is the world’s twelfth destination of foreign direct investment, according to UNCTAD. Moreover, for centuries, London has emerged as the lung of finance and business in Europe, and even in the world.

The United Kingdom’s strategy is to attract foreign investors from all over the world, mostly in London, through a very attractive tax system.

british economyIndeed, a non-resident who chooses to move to the United Kingdom can be granted non-domiciled status, a very advantageous status from a tax point of view.

During the first seven years, all income generated in offshore, which means outside the United Kingdom, is not taxed! We let you imagine the assemblies and techniques possible to optimize its income and its offshore business…

Regarding their currency, despite recent devaluations, the British Pound remains a strong and stable currency.

The United Kingdom is home to Europe’s leading stock market, the London Stock Exchange. Its influence stems from the diversity of its financial activities and its ability to innovate.

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