Do you want to be able to progress further up the ladder of your chosen career but seem to be stuck in the same position? Have you decided you chose the wrong career and now want to make a change? If either of these situations applies to you it could be that you need some further education to make something happen and for you to take your career forward in the way you want.

Further education has nothing to do with age any more. Anyone can get more qualifications and use them to make their career choices, and hopefully, the following information will help you.

Learn Online

As long as you have a digital device or computer and a good internet connection you can earn new qualifications online. This is a great way to get the credentials you need as online courses will fit in with any lifestyle. If you are a parent looking after kids in the day, you can study when they are in bed. If you have a full-time job you will still have evenings and weekends to fit in the studying you need to do.

Because you are working online does not mean you are left to your own devices. For instance, if you decided to undertake an MBA – distance learning – you would be involved in tutorials and be able to get any help you needed. There are flexible study options to suit working professionals and with the course starting 3 times a year, there need be no reason for delay.


Adding Qualifications to Your CV

Adding any new qualification has to be good for your CV. When you receive your certification, it does not say if you completed your course online or at a physical education facility. When online courses were first introduced, people were concerned that they would not be to the same standard as courses that are taken at a college or university. Those doubters have been proven wrong and most employers now realise this.

You have to reach exactly the same standard as you would if you did a class-based course, but doing it online takes determination and self-discipline. Employers recognise this and generally if they know it is how you got your qualification it goes in your favour as they hope you will transfer those traits into your job.


Let People Know

Be proud of what you have achieved and let everyone know. You never know who might be after someone with the qualification you have just gained and your network of workmates and friends could be a way for you to move forward.

You do not have to stay in the position you now have. If you want to progress to a more senior position or change your career totally the solution lies within your own hands. Only you can decide whether further education is suitable for what you want to do, whether the right courses for your needs is out there, or how to make it work.