Are You at Risk of Climate Change During a Heart Attack?

BOSTON - USA - Climate change can be worrisome, especially during a heart attack, says Dr. Keith Hardy, from the Institute of Coronary Research at Boston University.

“Many of my patients live in abject fear of climate change, as it is pumped incessantly through the media networks day in day out. I tell them, if you are having a heart attack to not worry about changing climate, and funnily enough they tell me they feel a lot better about it after that,” Dr. Hardy told the Boston Medical Journal.

One of the doctor’s patients, Auguste Balls, who is so worried about the changing climate that he has had three heart attacks in succession, has revealed his trick to stop thinking about climate change.

“I don’t turn on the news anymore or read the papers or the internet. If I go somewhere and hear a radio on, or television, I immediately leave that area. It’s the only way I can stop the global warming reports. Funnily enough, when I was having a heart attack, that was the only time I stopped thinking about climate change. We gotta pay for the humans, we gotta pay for the changing climate, more taxes, green taxes, its the humans’ fault, we gotta pay carbon taxes, aargh, we gotta pay surcharge green taxes on airplanes, we gotta pay green taxes on our gas…I, I’m having another meltdown..gaaaaaaah!!!”

Sadly Mr Balls passed away shortly after speaking about the global warming changing climate issue on CNN.