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Doh! Scientists Finally Realise Antidepressants Are Useless

LONDON - England - A new study has revealed that antidepressants are useless and only make pharma companies richer.

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Most people with an inkling of knowledge know that taking antidepressant pills do not change reality or life. To live in any society is in itself an act of pain, the act of survival and existence has its cyclical ups and downs, these are normal human emotions reacting to events in our lives and environment.

“You can’t take a pill to cure your shit life. These pharmaceutical companies have been making trillions on peddling these so-called happy pills that solve nothing apart from the bulging bank accounts and salaries of the big pharma companies,” a man with reasonable levels of logic revealed.

The only way to cure a shit life is to actually work and excel in something to increase your standing plus your mental wellbeing. Taking pills because of your circumstances is retroactive and reinforces your terrible situation. To get out of your malady takes intense willpower, ingenuity and strength. There is no pill for that.

Pain is a part of life, fucking deal with it. Stop taking pills peddled to you by legalised drug dealers masquerading as doctors.

Hiding from real human emotions or life by taking pills is a form of lobotomy that stunts true emotion and feeling.

You want to feel fucking alive again? Jump out of a plane from 16,000 feet – with a parachute, of course. That is better than any damn pill.

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