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What are the Latest Fitness Trends of 2021?

LONDON - England - Living a healthy lifestyle requires regular exercise. What are the current fitness trends in 2021?

Health and fitness will typically go through a range of different trends each year as more and more people look to become as healthy as they possibly can.

Indeed, there are a range of benefits that can be felt when trying to be more active, with mental and physical wellbeing being amongst the top advantages that can be achieved when an individual exercises, but the method in which they choose to accomplish those aims appears to change with each year that passes.

2021 is no different, either, as there is an array of different ways in which people are now exercising and trying to become a healthy version of themselves, especially after what they went through in 2020 and the various obstacles and challenges that would have been faced.

These are just some of the biggest trends to have emerged over the last eight months or so, with some perhaps more obvious than others.


One of the biggest fitness trends of 2021 is one that appears to have boom following 2020, as more and more people decided to take up walking in the great outdoors as a way of getting the blood pumping around the body and building up a sweat.

Whilst there may have been some who were using the best treadmill that money can buy in order to run or walk whilst indoors at home during the lockdown period that saw gyms closed for a long time, there will have been even more people who will have taken up walking outdoors.

This activity was one of the only forms of exercise many would have been able to achieve during 2020, and it seems to have continued into 2021 as they found that it was enjoyable and had significant benefits to their health; both physically and mentally. It also proved to be a great way for the mind to be refreshed throughout the working day, with many tending to go on walking breaks as a means of getting away from a screen and getting some fresh air.



Yoga has always been an incredibly popular fitness trend over the last few years, but it could be suggested that more and more people have decided to take it up in 2021. Again, last year will have played a role for many, as this particular type of exercise helps an individual to remain calm and find their inner peace.

Furthermore, Yoga and Pilates help a person to look after their mental and physical being in a more conscious way, as they will slow down from their busy lives and take a break, whilst also looking to stay as mindful as possible in regard to their posture and alignment.

HIIT Workouts and Quick-Fire Sessions

Another big fitness trend that appears to have really made an impact in 2021 are the HIIT and Quick-Fire routines that can be completed pretty much anywhere, in the home, at the workplace or just generally outdoors.

HIIT stands for High-Intensity Interval Training, and these are short exercises that are designed to provide short bursts of exercise to those who may not have the time to complete a workout in the traditional amount of time that may be needed. For instance, there have been a number of apps to have emerged that help users to enjoy these programs, further highlighting how popular they have become.

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