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Best Quick Games for When You’re Pressed With Time

LONDON - England - Games are fun things to play however many of them are truly time-consuming. There are some quick games that can give you a fast fix.

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Gaming is currently one of the most popular sources of entertainment. This immersive medium allows us to jump into different worlds and explore lands of fantasy, action, and mystery like no other has before it. While all of this can make for an incredible experience, most games today require players to invest a lot of time to progress through the levels. This can be a bit of a bummer for those of us that have hectic lives and can only squeeze in a couple of minutes here and there. Luckily, some quick games offer a solution, and here are a few of them.

Casino Games

Casino games are classics that never seem to go out of style, which is why their digital versions are now crushing it in the online world. With the help of a top-tier online casino Canada, it’s easy to enjoy a few rounds of Poker, Blackjack, or a couple of minutes on the slots whenever you want, wherever you want. Their quick gameplay makes them a great option for casual players that don’t have a lot of free time to spare, while their complexity keeps them interesting no matter how many times you give them a shot.

Of the many games you’ll find populating the lobbies of these websites, slots are currently most people’s go-to’s. The reason for this is simple – modern slots follow traditional video game patterns. They come in all popular game genres, including fantasy, horror, and action, meaning there’s something out there for everyone.

Mobile MOBAs

Most of you are probably surprised to see MOBAs on this list. While immensely action-packed, these games often run matches that can last anywhere between forty minutes to an hour. For a busy person, this doesn’t exactly scream casual. Luckily, most MOBAs on mobile offer the perfect solution to this. Just like their PC counterparts, mobile MOBAs sport great and versatile gameplay. What does differentiate them from PC MOBAs is the length of an average match. Since these games have been adapted to fit the mobile platform, matches don’t usually last more than 20 minutes!

Mobile MMORPGs

Here’s another genre of games that’s been offering casual gamers a top-notch experience on mobile. MMORPGs are notorious for dragging on for hours. Once you start a task such as a dungeon raid, quest, or PVP-related activity, it’s hard to get out of it for at least a while unless you want to get punished for it by the system. Once again, mobile’s focus on making gaming more casual worldwide takes care of this problem. On mobile, many of these activities last significantly shorter or offer the option to be completed automatically by the game’s AI.

While some players might find this off-putting, it can be an insanely helpful feature, especially when something unplanned interrupts your gameplay. Instead of exiting the game in the middle of a raid and risking getting banned, you can take care of your business while the AI takes care of you.

Shooting Games

Here’s a solution that works great practically across all platforms. While this mainly applies to first-person shooter games, most online shooting games, in general, boast quick matches. What’s even better, if you have to leave the game before it ends, you often aren’t punished for it as severely as you would with other types of online games. There are a ton of great shooting games on PC, console, and mobile right now, but if you’re aiming to give your gaming PC a run for its money, here are a few you shouldn’t miss.

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