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The Rise of Online Gaming

Online gaming is bigger than ever and to say the industry is booming is an understatement.

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Leading the way is MMORPG, massively multiplayer online role playing games but
for their all dominance, the internet has opened up endless possibilities for all other
genres in the gaming market, breathing life into those once considered archaic.
Since a decade ago, the online gaming market has continued to grow exponentially.
A study from 2013 revealed that 72% of US gamers alone play mainly online, a 5%
increase from 2012 and definite foreshadow of the way the industry was heading,
and is likely to continue to head for a decade and far beyond.

One key driver for the growth within the online gaming market is the mobile sector,
along with both social and increasingly diverse educational titles. In addition to this,
the likes of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality headsets with cross-platform
gaming will attract new audiences and boost the industry massively. Such practices
take online gaming to a whole new level, enabling three-dimensional environments
to be recreated across several platforms. Now, not only can your favourite social and
mobile games be enjoyed and shared on a large television screen, but the minute
details of even live casino gameplay can be replicated as if you were in the finest
casino of the Las Vegas strip. Whether you’re choosing to sit at the slot machines,
spin the roulette wheel, try your hard at blackjack or show off your best poker face.

Technology is changing our lives as it is allowing us all to become more and more
connected. Public Wi-Fi sports, faster broadband speeds and greater bandwidth are
not only improving our online gaming experiences but also means that we are all just
one click away from interacting at all times. With this, technology is increasingly
heading in a mobile direction, meaning that we can interact with each other and play
our favourite games, whether it be whether it be online poker, Candy Crush, Crazy Taxi, puzzles, MMORPG, you name it, at the tip of our finger tips. An increasing number of people are now choosing to access the internet from smartphones and tables and the
majority of said devices are capable are supporting even the most of sophisticated
online games.

Online gaming does more than simply increase the availability to your favourite
console games but also attracts a whole new demographic. As the market allows
games to be accessed easily from anywhere, at any one time, day or night, the
typical gamer is no longer a young male but women and the older generation are
very much on board. With the market growing in popularity with the older generation,
as they never really got to connect with video games, they are enjoying traditional
casino games as they can access the best sites whenever and wherever.

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