Ruined £1 million Tracey Emin Bed Now Worth £120

TOKYO - Japan - The Conceptua Biennial Exhibition has had a minor setback this year with British artist, Tracey Emin discovering that her 'My bed' artwork has been completely ruined.

British artist Tracey Emin has lost out on a £1 million payment for her soiled bed sculpture, after someone made the bed and even changed the sheets.

Furious Emin was understandably very angry at the news: “Someone at the gallery bought new sheets, then put on new covers, and took away the used condoms. It looks like an Argos bed now. They even put in a fucking £14.99 bedside table. I just spoke to my agent and he says the new price for my conceptual art piece is £120. Wait till I find out who did it!”

The Emin bed installation sculpture was meant to be sold to art collector Missuki Mayame, from Japan later this week but now the sale has fallen through.