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Prince Harry Caught Snorting Jo Brand

LONDON - England - Prince Harry was caught up in a serious snorting incident involving comedienne Jo Brand on Friday at the BBC studios for the Have I Got News For You programme.

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The temporary show presenter, Jo Brand was exiting the studios after filming had ended for the comedy news programme when she was accosted by Prince Harry and a team of royal protection officers.

Eyewitness Ronnie Helmsdale, a BBC producer tried to step in to stop the snorting but was kicked to the ground.

“Jo walked out the back of the studio and suddenly these huge guys got hold of her. Then out of the royal car stepped Prince Harry. He didn’t have his usual uniform on so I did not recognise him at first. He then went up to Jo Brand and started snorting her hair. I’ve never seen anything like it. Harry’s eyes rolled up into their sockets and all I saw were the whites of his eyes, almost as if he was in ecstasy. It only took ten seconds, she was all gone by then,” Mr. Helmsdale, who is now receiving counselling, recalled.

No one knows what happened to Jo Brand and the Metropolitan Police have been told to not do anything about it, you know like not search for her, or anything like that.

The Palace has maintained a dignified silence over the incident.

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