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New Photo Dating App Just Yes or No Required

LONDON - England - New startup company Yess has come up with its latest dating app that they say will revolutionise dating forever.

“All you have to do is tick yes or no to a photo of someone you want to shag, then if that person says yes as well, the geographic location data of each person is then transmitted to the users’ phones but not shown directly to the users and the app then chooses a safe meeting point and time. It really is that simple. You cannot write messages or anything else to anyone. After you meet, it is up to you what you do of course,” Anders Jameson, the designer of the app revealed.

There is no ‘maybe’

The new app called ‘Yes/No’ has come under criticism from many conservative and religious groups as they say it promotes promiscuity however the app’s designers say they are merely simplifying and speeding up dating. In these modern times this can’t be a bad thing.

“You can tell pretty much everything from a photo. Also we do not disallow pictures of body parts, because this simply indicates to the other user how fast they are willing to get to intercourse. We have seen a massive interest in this app, and on the first day of launch it was downloaded 40 million times,” Mr Jameson told Tech Zone magazine.

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