How to Have a Barbecue During a British Summer

LONDON - England - The Daily Squib has come up with 5 tips on how to have that perfect barbecue despite the British summer.

It may be pissing down with twenty different shades of rain and the water droplets are so large they thud loudly and hurt you when they hit the top of your head.

Do not despair, the Daily Squib is here to rescue the situation and we will show you how to have that perfect British summer barbecue.

All you need to do is get the delicious food ready and you’ll soon be on your way.

The Daily Squib British Summer Barbecue Tips

1) Booking a flight outside the UK is easy these days. You can do it on the internet or you can go to a local travel agent that has not gone out of business on your High Street. Once you book your flight, simply get on the plane with your food and when you arrive at the sunny destination of your choice, you can have a lovely barbie. A word of caution though, do not try and have a barbecue in the airport at the arrivals terminal or you could be in for a surprise.

2) Wait for next summer, or if that one is bad, wait for another summer. This could go on for the next ten or twenty years, but the wait will be worthwhile.

3) Moving to another sunnier country is not a problem, that is if you are willing to put up with the natives, and you can have a barbecue every day as opposed to only two days in a five year period in the UK.

4) Have a wet barbecue. Make sure to pre-cook the barbecue meat first in a frying pan, then take it out into the rain and put it onto your barbecue.

5) Don’t have a barbecue. This is the simplest way of dealing with the problem. Instead, why not opt for a ready-made meal from a superstore or better still, a takeaway curry with a few tinnies sitting in front of the telly. Job done.