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Planking Craze Thwarted by Actors Hugh Grant and Kevin Costner

LONDON - England - The planking craze which has taken over the world's youth on the internet(s) has been thwarted by the likes of actors like Hugh Grant and Kevin Costner.

The planking craze taking the world by storm has ceased to exist because of two Hollywood actors who have hijacked the fad and completely trashed it, say planking followers.

Planking has been very popular for the past three months and involves people lying flat on a surface and being photographed, then the images spread via social networking sites around the world.

“It had to happen eventually. All it took was Hugh Grant and Kevin Costner to walk into a room full of plankers and they basically stole the show. You just can’t compete with that level of planking. I actually could not distinguish between Costner and Grant next to some wooden panelling on the wall let alone the plankers. God forbid if they go to the timber section of B&Q,” Al Hummer, a keen planker from Wood Green, North London told the BBC.

This is a sad day for plankers all over the world. Millions of plankers conducted a final plank-in on the internet, then called it a day.

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