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Unsocial Networking Sites Popular Now

SAN FRANCISCO - USA - Forget about Social Networking, because Unsocial Networking is the new buzz phrase hitting the internet world at the moment.

“This is f*cking great. I don’t have to mow someone’s farm or get a chicken egg to roost, join someone’s stupid group about terrorist barn owls, or talk to some asshole I used to know at school once,” Rastaf Mueller, 24, an unsocial networking enthusiast told Wired magazine.

The new unsocial networking sites actually celebrate how less your friend count is, which is obviously the exact opposite of social networking sites.

“I used to enjoy collecting so-called friends on social networking sites and at one point I had over 5,400 ‘friends’. To tell you the truth, I didn’t even know one person on the site,” Mr Mueller said.

Unsocial networking sites like: Goawaystinkingturd.com, and Leavemealoneyousod.com, and Nomorezuckerburg.com are now all the rage.

“It’s like a breath of fresh unsocial air. I haven’t been asked to social game, download apps, friend people, have marketers trying to sell me stuff I don’t need, keep up with the Joneses or discuss inane mundane subjects that frankly bore me to tears,” Jane Horovitz, 20, another unsocial networking enthusiast revealed.

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