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Mel Gibson in Post Production for Next Film "Lethal Mouth II"

LOS ANGELES - USA - Mel Gibson is in the throes of finalising filming for his next installment of the Lethal Mouth series, Hollywood insiders have disclosed.

The new movie, which will be directed by Mel Gibson, has been touted as the next big blockbuster to come from the Australian actor’s personal film production company, Foulmouth Productions.

“It’s like, going to be a great fuckin’ movie. The plot revolves around a foul mouthed racist abusive drunk who likes to punch women in the f*cking teeth. But, check this out. He saves the day, because even though he’s a sh*tbag with the personality of a moronic Christian evangelist god botherer, whilst on a day trip to a wildlife park in the Bronx, he saves a girl from a ‘pack of ni**ers’ who threaten to rape her. Then there are the jews in the movie, not only do they thieve all the money from everyone in the cast, they also start all the frickin’ wars and the strife throughout the whole film. But of course, Mel’s character comes along, he wears sandals and starts preaching the gospel of Gibson to save the day. This movie is going to break the box office, I tell you. This script has been on Mel’s mind for a very long time and finally it’s coming into fruition,” Mel’s agent, Jakob Lieberhymie, told Talent Weekly.

Mel Gibson chose to set the location of the film in his own house, sources close to the production have revealed.

“He’s been filming this movie in his own house and using people around him. At first I thought it was a bit strange but then I got used to it, much like the black eyes, the broken teeth and abuse from his drunken ass mouth,” Gibson’s estranged Russian girlfriend told CNN’s Larry King yesterday. She is set to recieve a massive six figure payoff for her role in the film before she moves onto the next dumb sucker to fleece.

Exclusive to the Daily Squib, listen to an audio excerpt from the movie: Mel Gibson’s Lethal Mouth II

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  1. I don’t agree with Mel Gibson’s racism but his plight is one carried by many men who are used by cold calculating women every day of their lives. There do not seem to be any good women left instead they’re out there to use and shit on men. Us men are hated in the media as well, which is dominated by the female element ostracizing men in every column inch. Fathers are ignored by the courts, and everything is given to the woman whatever the circumstance. They have all the rights – we have none.

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