Mel Gibson Going Out With Octomom?

LOS ANGELES - USA - Troubled Hollywood icon, Mel Gibson was photographed with the world famous Octomom in Hollywood yesterday.

The new couple were photographed walking around Sunset Boulevard yesterday and sparked rumours of romance.

Mel’s publicist, Smaka Mabitchup, did not confirm or deny the rumour that the couple were an item when asked by the X17 papparazzi agency.

Gossip columnists in Hollywood were speculating about the importance of such a union: “Mel already has about 15 kids, then add on Nadya Octomom’s kids and that makes about 43 between them both. I guess that was the main attraction between these two, oh, and don’t forget Mel’s millions. We all know that Octomom needs the money real bad,” Laurie Koot, editor for Hollywood Today wrote.

Octomom is so desperate for any money that she said she will put up with the violence meted out daily from serial pugilist, Gibson.

“Everything comes at a cost huh? I hear that Octomom is going to be Mel’s personal punch bag so that she can set up camp with her brood. Anything for the dollars,” one of the waiters at a restaurant attended by the two lovebirds told TMZ.