Tom Cruise’s Lawyers Congratulate Ricky Martin’s Lawyers

LOS ANGELES - USA - Tom Cruise's lawyers have congratulated the Puerto Rican singer's lawyers for their exhaustive dedication to the pop singers career.

“We had to honour their dedication. I mean even though everyone on the planet knew that Ricky was gay, his lawyers still kept up the ruse. We’re going to sue anyone who even comes close to mentioning our client in the same breadth as Ricky but we have to say, is the Pope Catholic? Do bears shit in the woods?” Sammy Graviano, one of the team of lawyers for Mr Cruise told Entertainment Weekly.

He Bangs

“The truth of the matter is that Ricky or Tom’s sexuality is not the issue, they just produce crap. Cruise produces pap and Ricky has produced some of the worst muzak this side of Holiday Inn,” a disgruntled media analyst for CNBNCDN news said.

Mr Cruise, who is a prominent member of the Scatology cult, was away filming his new movie ‘Mission Impossible 23’ and was not available for comment on the recent Ricky Martin revelations.