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Tony Puts the Boot in One Last Time

LONDON - England - Stopping off in the UK just before he makes a quick exit when the 50 per cent tax kicks in, Tony Blair had to have the final word on Gordon Brown's electoral hopes.

“Let’s face it, we all know David Cameron’s modelled himself on me. Look at Gordo, I’m here to tell you to vote for him and to tell you the truth I’d have a good chuckle if you do,” Mr Blair said at the planned appearance today.

Senior Labour party officials revealed that Blair asked for a six figure sum to make the ten minute appearance today which was delivered to him in a brown envelope after the photo call.

“Tony’s been in London for awhile, remember he had to attend the war crimes tribunal from which he was spectacularly cleared after his excellent performance. This is why he’s had the time to put the boot in one last time to his old ‘friend’ Gordon, who he ‘adores’ so much,” Robert Forsythe, senior Labour election campaigner told the Times.

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