G20 Celebration Mascot Finally Revealed

LONDON - England - Party-goers and fun-seekers for the upcoming G20 celebrations have revealed their party-time mascot as the one and only, Fred 'The Shred' Goodwin.


Bring a bottle or how about a Molo cocktail or three for the best party of the year!

The carnival event will kick off at about 11am on April 1st so be there or be square.

Gatecrashers are most welcome according to posters posted across the whole of London for the G20 party of the century.

“We’ve got our mascot who is Fred ‘The Shred’ Goodwin. He’ll be paraded through the streets during the carnival and will get everyone up and dancing for sure. The finale will involve Fred ‘The Shred’ being put legs first…wait for it..through an industrial shredder. Now that’s what I call entertainment. There’s also going to be about 10,000 rozzers in fancy dress coming to the party, so get your brick-a-brac ready for the tit heads,” Andy Crusty, a certified party animal told Reuters.

Sir Fred Goodwin, who was in hiding until he was caught last week, will attend the party wearing a jokers outfit and will be paraded on a float.

The party and celebrations are planned for two whole days and may even go on for longer depending on how many buildings are still standing within the centre of London. 

The ‘climate change’ lemmings will be in town also, parroting the exact rhetoric that they have been programmed to do by their controllers.

“It’s a case of how much overtime the fuzz want to claim, how much a good job the agent provocateurs do, how much partying the nihilists want and simple things like portaloos, catering and availability of weapons. There is certainly a great deal of fuel to be burnt off over the course of two days thanks to Gordon Brown’s policies.

“The G20 party is going to kick off at Moorgate, Liverpool Street, London Bridge and Cannon Street stations so be there at 11am sharp and don’t forget to bring some f*cking bollocks with you. If you come along early you may even be able to enjoy the delights of one of our party hosts,” Mr Crusty said.