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Tweed: "I Was Absolutely Terrified"

ESSEX - England - Jack Tweed said he feared the "very worst news" when he was called urgently to Jade Goody's bedside.

Jack Tweed said he was trembling with fear when he was called urgently to Jade Goody’s bedside by doctors overseeing her.

The 21-year-old was called to her bedside on Friday night after receiving a call from the 27-year-old’s physicians.

Tweed told the News Of The World that he panicked and was “absolutely terrified when they told him that there was nothing wrong with Jade and she was going to make a full recovery”.

“I just couldn’t breathe anymore, I felt as if everything was dark and there was no hope left. What about the money? My throat was as dry as sandpaper,” he said.

Gweedy, was then told by doctors that there had been a terrible mistake with the medical reports and Jade was indeed terminal.

Tweed was then seen leaving the room with a look of utter relief on his face, Max Clifford, revealed to the News Of The World.

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