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Jonathan Ross Accepts Reverse Charge Call Costing Him £1.3 Million

LONDON - England - "Don't mention the granddaughter." Wossie receives a bill for £1.3 million with a phone call from a Spanish waiter.

Jonathan Ross received the most expensive phone call in the history of phone calls the other day.

He received a reverse charge (collect call) phone message from a Spanish waiter called Manuel from Barcelona.

The phone call went something like this:

Operator – “Hello Mr Ross, you have Manuel from Barcelona on the line, will you please accept the reverse charge call, it will only cost you £1.3 million f*cking quid you mug?”

Wossie – “I…i’m so sowwy, my caweew, ooh it’s all gwone, what am I gwonna do now? BBC Gwovell Gwovell Gwovell *Crying like a little girl*…the money the money!!! Pwease no not that!!!!”


Manuel – “Si senor, isa my granddaughter, you mention her si onna da radio? You shoulda not mention ‘er senor…Remember Don’t Mention the Granddaughter!!!”

BBC Controller – *CLICK*

Wossie – “Boo hoo, it’s all ovahhhhhhh Aaaargh!”

Now all we have to do is get rid of his bloody annoying brother off the airwaves too.

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  1. Finally no Friday with this boring grunt !!!!

    Good riddance and don’t come back. The money he steals should be put to good causes, like cancer research, etc.

  2. No ones going to Take this creep seriously from now on, they should have sacked the bastard. Thee beeb desn’t have much integrity left either though so nothings changed…

  3. I hope this greedy piece of shit Ross gets a good comeuppance and every horrible nastiness falls upon his doorstep.

    While he was daily boasting about the money he was raking in from the taxpayer may he get a big fucking lump in his throat and choke on his champagne. Scumbag!

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