Jonathan Ross Accepts Reverse Charge Call Costing Him £1.3 Million

LONDON - England - "Don't mention the granddaughter." Wossie receives a bill for £1.3 million with a phone call from a Spanish waiter.

Jonathan Ross received the most expensive phone call in the history of phone calls the other day.

He received a reverse charge (collect call) phone message from a Spanish waiter called Manuel from Barcelona.

The phone call went something like this:

Operator – “Hello Mr Ross, you have Manuel from Barcelona on the line, will you please accept the reverse charge call, it will only cost you £1.3 million f*cking quid you mug?”

Wossie – “I…i’m so sowwy, my caweew, ooh it’s all gwone, what am I gwonna do now? BBC Gwovell Gwovell Gwovell *Crying like a little girl*…the money the money!!! Pwease no not that!!!!”


Manuel – “Si senor, isa my granddaughter, you mention her si onna da radio? You shoulda not mention ‘er senor…Remember Don’t Mention the Granddaughter!!!”

BBC Controller – *CLICK*

Wossie – “Boo hoo, it’s all ovahhhhhhh Aaaargh!”

Now all we have to do is get rid of his bloody annoying brother off the airwaves too.

  • david

    to MR ross eat shit and die

  • Paul Meera

    One word describe Ross = C*NT

  • Ross

    Finally no Friday with this boring grunt !!!!

    Good riddance and don’t come back. The money he steals should be put to good causes, like cancer research, etc.

  • Rab C

    No ones going to Take this creep seriously from now on, they should have sacked the bastard. Thee beeb desn’t have much integrity left either though so nothings changed…

  • The Ghost of Halloween

    I hope this greedy piece of shit Ross gets a good comeuppance and every horrible nastiness falls upon his doorstep.

    While he was daily boasting about the money he was raking in from the taxpayer may he get a big fucking lump in his throat and choke on his champagne. Scumbag!