Wealthy French to Leave Sinking Ship France

PARIS - France - Like rats jumping from a sinking ship, the rich French are leaving the country as the socialist election win becomes a reality leaving many in the lurch.

One thing that is normal in business and finance is that socialists make stock markets go down and right wingers make it go up. In the case of Sarkozy, even though he was a right winger, he still managed to cock up the markets, but the general rule usually remains about the markets. Socialists are only good at spending other people’s money, and when that runs out they just put the taxes up to huge levels.

Sarkozy’s gypsy curse has finally been realised, and as he was cursed by the Roma gypsies not too long ago when he rudely deported many out of France, he may even learn a lesson when he is packing his bling bling luggage from the Elysee palace tonight, like don’t f*ck with gypsy curses ever.

The new French president, Mr Hollande, is bound to introduce a financial transaction tax which will further isolate the UK.

“Soak the rich”

“One thing is for sure. Once the socialists take over France, tax will be raised to 75% for the wealthy who own income above one million euros. If you are rich, why would you want to give away €750,000 of your income to a socialist welfare system that pisses away your hard earned cash?  This is why I am selling up immediately. Socialists have little or no understanding of finance, or business and this is why whenever they are in power, they literally f*ck everything up,” Julien Pauvre, a retired shopkeeper and businessman from Lyons told Le Figaro.

The departure of France’s business people, entrepreneurs and the young for opportunities overseas will leave the country as a basic shell of itself and stifle all business.

“Socialism is a system that punishes innovation and business. There is nothing to work for, there is no hope for anyone who wants to work for a better life and build a business. This is why there will be a mass exodus now that Hollande has won,” another scared French businessman said.

The only thing missing in this revolution is a guillotine or two and Sarko and his cronies being led away for the chop in front of the braying crowds.

  • Jake

    5 years of recession and the comments above and the RATINGS of the said comments show that the average person is very very dumb.
    Sabrina, what "hard working and difficult skills" !? STEALING OUR MONEY?
    You stupid sow ! Go join them in Siberia!

    Very good for Hollande, we need to root out these RATS so that society can progress and everyone can have a FAIR chance, not just a few.

  • Sabrina

    Over taxation drives wealthymembers of a society out no matter what country it's in. It's criminal that a government through FORCE can define what's fair. Working your ass off, learning difficult skills that many others aren't willing or capable to learn, and in many cases providing JOBS are things to be rewarded (hence the higher pay). I'm sick of America and France pushing everyone onto the government dole in their self interest and greed to get votes (bc people love "free" things to keep their high paying jobs. These systems fail everytime. They will leave France and already are. There goes the money to feed socialism and "free" perks, oh yeah…and jobs. It's time the rich, successful, hard working, sacraficing, SMART citizens be treated as heros and not villans for being successful.

  • jnoll

    Let the rich leave France. Let them stop paying taxes. Let them stop providing jobs. Watch the French go hungry. Watch disease flourish, trash pile up on corners and sewage back up. The French are about to get a much needed wake up call.

  • Mace

    Wealthy individuals in France and America live the high life and whine and cry like little girls. I firmly believe that getting rid of these toxic individuals will be a great start towards 'new-blood' having the opportunity to innovate a develop successful businesses. People may find that the left-wing will handle business in both a productive way and a FAIR way. This FAIR thing is what terrifies the wimpy wealthy. I guess what I'm saying is. . . . . .Don't let the door hit you on the ass, on your way out.