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Mobile Gaming And Gambling To Continue Rising In 2019

LONDON - England - Mobile gaming has seen a vast rise in business over the years, and will continue its upward growth trend in the years to come.

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Would you not be surprised if we tell you that the global gaming market will soon reach a level of over £120 billion in 2019? Maybe not, but what if we tell you that about half of that growth is coming from the mobile gaming industry that has a current value of around £55 billion?

Mobile is nowadays in everyone’s hand in the whole world and this has allowed a considerable number of people to be continuously connected to the internet. If we look at 2018 itself, the mobile gaming apps have driven around 85% of all app revenue from Apple’s iOS and Google Play. The fact that mobile phones are always with us is a great opportunity for the best online casinos and others gambling companies to reach a new type of people: those that didn’t bother to connect much to the internet from their desktops. To make the most of the opportunity software developers have focused mainly on women and as a result one of the most significant increase came from this sector.

Not only the arrival of mobile phone has helped to reach new audiences but it has also increased the time spent and the play frequency from those demographics that were already involved in gaming. In recent times we have seen the introduction of many unlimited data plans, better speeds and higher quality graphics. These in conjunction with a reduction in file sizes has allowed the mobile gaming to make huge steps forward and grow as a result.

What is the future of Mobile gaming industry?

Surely it is a bright future although for this very reason competition is increasing. New game franchises are being launched nearly on a daily bases and more brands that are trying to get a piece of that cake.

Some Stats That Show The Growth of Mobile Gaming Industry

With the improvement in mobile phones the mobile gaming industry has been allowed to grow significantly over the last few years. Experts are predicting that it will grow by 60% between 2019 and 2022. Already in 2022 the revenue should reach £73 billion which is a staggering 200% increase in 5 years.

It is predicted that mobile gaming will be the dominant sector of gaming as it should reach half of the market already by 2020. Console games and PC games are likely to come second and third in the market with around 26% and 21% of gaming revenue respectively.

How Mobile Gambling Is Taking Advantage Of The Huge Mobile Gaming Popularity

For a gambling company, it is more and more critical to ensure they have a sound mobile gambling product. Mobile devices are part of our lives and if a gambling company can be seen and is able to reach their customers with quality products, they will benefit from this. Below we have looked at what are the man benefits that mobile technology has given to the gambling industry.

1 – More players are regularly using mobile devices
Lots of online gambling products have moved to mobile and this was facilitated by the improvement in Wi-Fi networks who are now more reliable and stable and easily allow for monetary transactions to be carried out safely with users that are trusting the mobile technology.

The average user picks up the mobile device more than 1,500 times every week and it is not surprising that mobile platforms are set to replace desktops.

2. Mobile devices are preferred by users as they are convenient
Having the opportunity to play while on the go it is great. Before a player would have to wait to get back home to place bets from the desktop. Nowadays you can place bets while you are at a sporting event for instance or you can play your favourite online casino game while you are going back home from work. For all those reasons, it has been verified that mobile players tend to convert a lot faster into paying customers and they usually spend more time playing online games.

3. Players can access betting options immediately
Live sports and live casino have benefited significantly from the growth in mobile gambling. The opportunity to have immediate access to your preferred game and get satisfaction from your betting session has changed the way gambling companies are approaching players. Operators have pushed the boundaries to provide better casino games to users which are fully optimised for the mobile platforms.

People are spending more time on mobile devices compared with desktop or laptop as they are convenient and practical to use. It is predicted that browser-based gambling will very soon be superseded by the mobile players: this has already started a revolution with operators that are now creating products which are either for mobile alone or are mobile-first. Delivering games that will maximise the powerful experience delivered by the newest smartphones will be paramount for gambling companies to continue to be successful.

Online gambling in the same mobile platform as social networks

Mobile platforms are delivering a great betting experience to customers and this is why those are returning. To keep users engaged gambling companies have created mobile products that are user-friendly and that can be loaded almost instantaneously even with slower networks.

Lots of gambling products are now well integrated even with social media platforms and this means that users can share with their mates how well they have done in a game or in a bet. This is an excellent opportunity for gambling companies to connect with younger audiences and again reach an entirely new target more differently and effectively than traditional advertising.

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