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Britain’s CGT Mass Exodus Marathon Starts Soon

LONDON - England - Investors and savers in the UK began the country's mass exodus today after the Con-Dem partnership announced another magnificently useless tax grab.

The new coalition government last week revealed their wonderful plan to increase capital gains tax to over 50% on all non-business assets which will be implemented in June.

Labour ministers have been gloating at the decrepit feeble coalition.

“We’ve got an ineffectual emasculated bunch of castrated Tories who are frankly yellow to the core. Then we’ve got the Lib-Dems who are basically like our Labour party, good-for-nothing pseudo Marxists on some kind of demented power trip to redistribute Britain’s wealth and give away billions of pounds to welfare scroungers. That’s why with the new CGT directive, everyone and their uncle are selling up and moving out. Soon all these babbling baboons will have, will be a ghost country full of benefits scroungers and tumbleweed. This bunch of morons will do more damage to the economy than we could have ever hoped,” a laughing Labour minister told the Mirror.

By punishing the people who have been prudent savers, the Con-Dem government have condemned Britain to another recession which will be worse than the first one.

“There is nothing to aspire to in Britain because if you save, if you work hard to earn money, it will be taken away from you and given to the black hole welfare state debt maelstrom of shit. We’re all fucked because of Cameron’s weakness, he’s a babbling baby with no bollocks of any kind. Sell up and leave
forever because it will only get worse
,” a Westminster insider revealed today.

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  1. Taxing the people that make the economy run will only hurt the people who need help most because investors will leave the UK and go elsewhere. Who’s going to pay the cgt then when all have left?

  2. Raising the CGT level to the highest level in the Western world is detrimental to all business and enterprise.

    The message is that Britain is CLOSED fro business. No one will come here, what is the point? No one with any sanity will sell their property and many will dodge the tax by utilising offshore schemes.

    This is the worst thing that has happened to the UK in 20 years. God help us all.

  3. Vince Cable is a lefty swine with an agenda for redistribution of wealth.
    High Capital Gains taxation leads to either disinvestment or tax avoidance. Neither of these lead to wealth creation or job creation

  4. I think its easier to leave Britain, than the constant increases to our tax and decreasing of quality of our lifestyle.

    Less tax, more life, more voice – Find it in the States, OZ, Eastern Europe. Better healthcare, homes, and way of life.

    Why stay in the UK? The dumping ground of the world.

  5. The stock market will tank when the CGT rate rises to 50% because everyone will sell off their shares.

    No point in investing in the UK the City will go elsewhere.

  6. Thanks to this new lot my pension and savings will go out the window. I’ve worked hard all my life and then they do this to us makes me sick to my stomach.

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