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Daily Squib Hedge Fund Not Taking Anymore Clients

NEW YORK - USA - The Daily Squib Hedge Fund has had to turn away investors and billionaires from its highly successful scheme due to high demand.

As hedge funds go, the Daily Squib’s fund is up there with the greats.

“We model our hedge fund on the greats of Wall street and NASDAQ. People like Bernard Madoff and Charles Ponzi. We only take clients with a minimum of a million dollars. You ask no questions we give no answers, your money is safe with us. You can trust in us. In essence though the whole system is a pyramid scheme of course but you don’t need to bother your rich and greedy head with that. The only other thing we ask of you is that you do not ask for your money back..because we don’t have it,” Juan Tupperware, chief financier for the hedge fund explains.

Win win situation

The Daily Squib hedge fund has so far secured a staggering $56 billion of suckers money and to continue with the pretence of mystique must pretend to dissuade any more investors from joining the scheme.

“You can’t lose folks, you give us your money and we take it. There’s nothing simpler than that. We will give you a few dollars here and there to make it look like you’re profiting and you can tell your high flying big-head pals in your social clubs about how darn well you’re doing. Remember to send them over to my office too though, and make like it’s a big secret,” Mr Tupperware reiterated chuckling into his champagne glass.

Officially the Daily Squib hedge fund is not taking anymore clients although it will make allowances for anyone who is so stinking rich that they’re greed has no bounds.

Please do not send anymore of your money to: Daily Squib Hedge Fund, PO Box 666, NJ 08844, New York State, USA

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