New Four Year Degree Course on 'Crushing Student Debt'

Recent graduates from the new degree course on their first day in the real world

LEEDS – England – The latest degree course that is proving increasingly popular with students is the four year 'Student Debt' course at the University of Dolequeue.

The intensive four year course is increasingly popular with students all over the UK and places are now hard to find.

“We’ve literally only got a few places left for this course. Students will be taught a variety of vocational skills like how to get your giro, what to say when your benefits officer tries to get you to volunteer at your local poundsaver and how to never be able to pay off your £9,000 per year tuition fees on top of your £20,000 living expenses once you graduate,” Laura Mishkin, one of the tutors on the course told Student Weekly.

Every year thousands of students graduate from expensive courses in the UK with huge debts, and no prospect of ever being employed, so this new course is excellent for students to gain a qualification in their future state of permanent unemployment.