East Germans Rebuilding Berlin Wall

EAST BERLIN - East Germany - It was only a matter of time before the Berlin Wall was rebuilt. The Russian invasion taking back their former territory has seen to the wall coming back from the dead.

Pink Floyd soundtracks are not being played over the PA system as thousands of East German workers get stuck in to the strenuous work of rebuilding the Berlin Wall. Ever since the Russians reclaimed this part of Germany, things have gone back to the good old days of Stasi disappearances and long queues to buy basics like bread and milk.

Gunther Mathias, a carpenter, is glad the wall is being re-built and has been lending a hand wherever he can: “I remember the wall being taken down, it was a very sad day for me because I knew that capitalism, would bring much sorrow and heartache to our previously simple sparse lives. This is why rebuilding the wall will bring back the simple life again. I do not want choices any more, I just want simplicity, and this is why the soviet system works so well. Citizens and comrades, how many types of cheese do we have to have in a supermarket? I would rather queue at a bakery for three hours in the pouring rain because at least that gives me hope of a hopeless future.”

Sadly, Mr Mathias disappeared shortly after the interview because of consorting with Western journalists, he was visited by officers from the Ministerium für Staatssicherheit who took him away in the early hours of the morning in an unmarked van.

It seems that history is one big circle as it repeats over, and over again.