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Gender Aware Facebook Campus Has 56 Types of Toilet

PALO ALTO - USA - Facebook now has 56 different types of toilet at their head quarters campus building.

The toilet facilities which take up one and a half floors of the Facebook Palo Alto HQ, have been hailed as a breakthrough in gender labelling and equality.

“It can get a little confusing though, but there is an interactive gender toilet map every two feet and there are signs on the door. Yesterday I caught a Gender Fluid going into a Non-binary toilet and reprimanded them on the spot. If you go in the wrong toilet, an alarm will sound and you may have to pay a small fine. The toilets are clearly signed therefore there should be no room for mistakes,” Arturro Maginix, who changed his/her name to X3672-A9 two weeks ago, told MSNBC.

Here is a full list of the toilets and their corresponding numbers:

  1. Agender
  2. Androgyne
  3. Androgynous
  4. Bigender
  5. Cis
  6. Cis Female
  7. Cis Male
  8. Cis Man
  9. Cis Woman
  10. Cisgender
  11. Cisgender Female
  12. Cisgender Male
  13. Cisgender Man
  14. Cisgender Woman
  15. Female to Male
  16. FTM
  17. Gender Fluid
  18. Gender Nonconforming
  19. Gender Questioning
  20. Gender Variant
  21. Genderqueer
  22. Intersex
  23. Male to Female
  24. MTF
  25. Neither
  26. Neutrois
  27. Non-binary
  28. Other
  29. Pangender
  30. Trans
  31. Trans Female
  32. Trans Male
  33. Trans Man
  34. Trans Person
  35. Trans Woman
  36. Trans*
  37. Trans* Female
  38. Trans* Male
  39. Trans* Man
  40. Trans* Person
  41. Trans* Woman
  42. Transfeminine
  43. Transgender
  44. Transgender Female
  45. Transgender Male
  46. Transgender Man
  47. Transgender Person
  48. Transgender Woman
  49. Transmasculine
  50. Transsexual
  51. Transsexual Female
  52. Transsexual Male
  53. Transsexual Man
  54. Transsexual Person
  55. Transsexual Woman
  56. Two-spirit.

President Obama has welcomed the new gender labelling drive and seeks to establish the system in all American High Schools before the end of his term in office finally rolling out nationally for all public rest rooms.

“You guys wanted jobs right? Well, building millions more toilets will create more employment. Let’s move. Get to work people,” the president said yesterday.

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