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Keir Starmer: “All That Glitters is Not Gold”

LIVERPOOL - England - Labour leader Keir Starmer had glitter thrown over him during his speech at this year's party conference.


Comrade Keir Starmer had some glitter thrown over him whilst at the podium at this year’s Labour conference. Could have been any substance, maybe ricin, sarin, abrin or possibly some T-2 mycotoxin. The question is, are politicians safe? This is a serious breach of security at the Labour conference and should be looked at considerably. The other point to be made about the promises bleated from Starmer’s mouth is that all that glitters is not gold, this is why the glitter thrown over the mumbling nasal voiced Starmer was somewhat pertinent.

Every election we have the same politicians from the same party (Britain only has one political party now, albeit with two faces) making the same promises that are never honoured, and time and time again the people vote for the same party to punish them on a daily basis. This is in no way democracy. The Labour Party and Tory Party are indistinguishable from themselves, both spouting the same diarrhoea this election as they did in the last one.

Even though we are ruled by one political party, it is no doubt the turn of the Labour Party’s face to take over the reins at the next election simply because people get tired of dealing with one face, and eventually vote for another face.

These faces of political parties are in themselves faceless entities and empty carcasses, simply revelling in their moment in the spotlight before they themselves are voted out for another faceless face.

Every election people amble to the poll booths and put that tick in one of the boxes, and every year the people have the wool pulled over their eyes. There can only be one assumption made by the action of the people — they are stupid. Yes, the voters are stupid, and forgetful too, but that’s what politicians like Keir Starmer count on.

People have invariably forgotten about the disastrous Labour government of the past, possibly because the disastrous Tory Party took over from them and squandered every single opportunity that was handed to them on a silver fucking platter.

Maybe it really is better to have a communist or EU style system where the faceless hierarchy are instated by the hierarchy from within the soviet bloc. For the communist regime in China and the EU, it is a great relief that they do not have to deal with such base concepts like democracy and elections.

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