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CIA Endorsing Jihadists in Syria Reveal 911 Secrets Say Experts

GENEVA - Switzerland - How do U.S Intelligence services endorsing Syrian Al Qaeda affiliated rebels impact on our understanding of 911?

Espionage experts at the Swiss Institute of Global Investigation are astounded at the similarities of jihadists controlled by America in the Syria conflict and events that occurred on September 11 2001.

Dr. Erasmus Faust, wrote in a recent journal: “It is a very simple and obvious observation. The CIA are training and funding Al Qaeda in Syria in a bid to overthrow Assad. This shows that certain agencies have no qualms with working with jihadists. How do you think 911 happened? That operation enabled public opinion to okay the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan. It is an impossibility that a small group of Arabs could have pulled off such an audacious operation without a vast, well oiled team behind them. 911 also served another very important purpose, it enabled the creation of Homeland Security in America and the destruction of all privacy, as well as introduction of mass surveillance on the public.”

There are also many other little clues that back up the obvious link between controlled ‘jihadist’ robots and a larger global picture.

“Many of the jihadists probably never know who is really pulling the strings or funding them as there are many tiers above them. When they are thinking they are doing Allah’s work and they will get 72 virgins after they die in glory, they are blinded by their simple belief system. If they knew the truth about who was really controlling them, whichever agency it was, CIA, Mossad or whatever, they may get second thoughts.”


Since 2001 especially there have been many such instances of terrorist events being utilised by certain governments to introduce draconian laws inhibiting freedom. The UK witnessed their 911 event in 7/7, which immediately was the precursor for a total shutdown of privacy in the UK and an escalation of the Afghan war.

“Make the people fear and they will accept anything if you say it is for their own protection. The Hegelian Dialectic in action. Oh, and don’t forget, always have a government exercise playing in the background on the same day of the attack with a similar scenario to the attack. These both happened on 911 and 7/7.  Leaving religious paraphernalia behind on the scene as well as videos of confessions, selectively placed, always adds to the story. And there you have it, Syrian rebels funded by the CIA, 911 remote control planes and 7/7  detonations from underneath tube train carriages, why else would the holes created by the explosions have the metal from the undercarriage pushed upwards? These are small points pointing to an altogether larger picture. As for collateral damage, it is a small price to pay for a larger global conquest.”

If anyone has any doubts about 911, just watch George W. Bush in that class room. Any concerned leader who did not know about an attack on their country happening would have fled that classroom immediately once hearing about it. Instead, Bush chose to continue sitting down even after being informed by a theatrically obvious alibi agent.

Cui bono?

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