Covid-19 Breathes Sigh of Relief as Human Meat Sacks Party

BRADFORD - England - The Covid-19 virus is once again on the loose as humans present their bodies as available hosts for the constantly adapting Chinese virus.

Who doesn’t love a good party, the Covid-19 Indian strain is certainly loving it as it spreads like wildfire amongst the human meat sacks all out and about?

You see for a virus, that’s all you are — a meat sack. You are a host, and for the virus to survive, it is imperative that you present your fleshy body to be infected. The virus does not care about your holiday vaccine passport, or your decision to not wear a proper N95 rated mask whilst drunk out of your mind in a crowded pub. In fact, the virus finds your vaccines amusing, not only because it gives you a false sense of security, but because the vaccine effectively forces the virus to mutate.

By creating antibodies via the vaccine, the virus is forced to adapt or die. Humans are seeing the same thing with mass antibiotic use as bacteria become more resilient through over use, like viruses, bacteria are forced to adapt or die.

There is of course no mention of Antibody Dependent Enhancement, just the sound of crickets, as humans put all their eggs in one basket, blinded by dreams of holidays and parties.

With a virus like Covid-19 the solution is multifaceted, there is no singular solution to its multi-pronged attack mechanism. By putting all human efforts into a vaccine, especially one that aids mutation — is futile.