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Macron: “The People are Revolting!”

PARIS - France - President Macron has declared the people are revolting. It seems they are at the moment, and doing a good job of it too.


French President, Emmanuel Macron has uttered the words of pure disgust from his palace in the middle of Paris: “The people are revolting” he said pinching his nose.

“I can smell them from this palace whilst drinking my champagne. It is a disgusting sickly smell, and this is why I have sent the gendarmerie to beat these great unwashed merdes off the streets.”

Ce’st la guerre…

Maybe a good solid beating of the great unwashed is warranted, and possibly a frequent occurrence on the boulevards of Paris, but can anyone film the police doing their sworn duty of beating peasants over their fucking heads?

Apparently, non, non, non, is the answer, a new law has come into place disallowing the filming of the police casually beating peasant scum to death, if you are caught filming a police officer beating someone to death, you yourself will be beaten to death. This is the law.

As Jim once said “They’ve got the guns, we’ve got the numbers…”

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