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Israeli PM Netanyahu to Attend Letterman Show

NEW YORK - USA - The Israeli Prime Minister has finally had an attempted humour transplant and is set to have an interview on David Letterman's late night show, sources close to the PM have revealed.

“We heard he’s bringing his little red button with him on the show, just don’t press that thing or there’ll be hell to pay,” a jovial Letterman told his audience last night.

Letterman added: “We had that Barry in last week, and as you all know, Benjamin is trying to get a hold of him, he’s a week off but he’s getting closer I tell you.”

Benjamin Netanyahu has absolutley no humour and is incapable of laughter, so he is being coached by Israeli comedians on the art of laughter before his appearance on the show.

“It’s really hard, I think I would have better luck in getting a shekel from a Tel Aviv begger. We’ve tried everything but all he talks about is bombing this, bombing that, flattening Iranians, Hamas, more home building, and he loves bulldozers. He even knows the different makes, the modifications needed for demolishing Palestinian houses and that’s about it.”

According to Haaretz, Netanyahu has gone through twenty comedians and still no one has been able to find an ounce of humour in the guy.

“Let’s hope Letterman’s writers come up with something because we’re lost on this Bib’idiot,” one of the defeated Israeli comedians remarked.

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